"Some people just seem to have a good eye for photography."

Do you wonder why some people can shoot the exact same scene as you, but their shots are so much better than yours?

Or, maybe you find that you can take a few great shots now and then, but, it's not consistent and most of the time your photos don't work out the way you hoped, leaving you feeling disappointed?

It's easy to think that great photos are the result of expensive cameras, but I can show you that it's just not true. 

Just imagine saying 'bye bye' to dull, boring images and 'hello' to creative, dynamic landscape photos that you'll want to hang on your wall.

I'll help you fast track to fabulous photos!

This online landscape photography course teaches you how to massively up-level your photography skills - using ANY camera.

At the end of these easy to follow, straight-to-the-point lessons you will:

  • Gain confidence in how to capture great shots, no matter what type of camera you're using

  • Grow your understanding of how to compose beautiful photos

  • Develop a creative eye for photography

  • Create images that are consistently good

  • Feel inspired and ready to get outside with your camera.

Need to know

  • Who is this for?

    This Course is perfect for anyone who loves taking photos, whether you're on a woodland walk, or on an adventure holiday.

  • East to Digest

    Lessons are bitesize, easy to understand and jargon free. I teach you only what you need to know.

  • Self paced

    You can access the online lessons at your own pace, so no need to worry about keeping up with other students.

What's inside the course?

  • 1


    • Course Overview

  • 2

    The Art of Composition

    • Back to Basics

    • How to Create Balance in Your Photos

    • How to Create a Focal Point in Your Photos

    • How to Take People on a Journey

    • How to Create a Powerful Composition

  • 3


    • Creating Depth - part 1

    • Creating Depth - part 2

    • Creating Drama and Emersion

    • Panorama

    • Finding The Detail

    • Getting Creative With Reflections

    • Colour vs Black and White

    • How to Tell a Story

  • 4


    • Congratulations

What others are saying


by Carrieanne

"I loved it and it was very helpful. I was so pleased to find some of the techniques I did naturally but I now understand what I am looking for and why."  


by C. Rourke

"After doing the course I had a look back over some of what I like to think are my good photos and realised straight away where I could have done better."

Brilliant course

J Bolam

"Really enjoyed this course. Looking forward to getting out in the spring to practice"

"I'm so excited to start taking photos!"

- Amy

I created this course because I am passionate about photography. I love seeing others enjoying and sharing the art of photography too. Once you've completed this course, you'll be feeling inspired, and excited to capture beautiful landscapes.


  • Do I need a fancy camera or special equipment

    Your camera in your phone will be more than enough for this course. Although you can make use of a camera and other equipment if you have them, it is not a requirement.

  • How much time is required?

    The course can be accessed immediately after purchase. You could complete all the lessons in a few hours, although to really gain understanding, I recommend taking time to practice before starting a new module.

  • Will it be suitable for my child?

    This course is intended for anyone who has a keen interest in photography. But I would recommend that a parent/guardian should support a student who is under 13 years.

Are you ready to level up?

Grab the course now, start practicing and be ready to hit the outdoors with your camera when lockdown is lifted.